Colour & Styling

I am so excited to be starting my journey in colour consultancy and styling from my Parkway studio in Newbury, Berkshire although I’m happy to travel too.
At the start of my career I studied corporate sustainabilty and have always had a keen interest in humanitarian issues. By chance I set up Luna Boutiques eight years ago and recently I decided it was time to take things further and learn some technical knowledge to go with the experience I had built in my shops and previous career.
Colour me Beautiful styling and colour consulting is all about seeing who you are and bringing the best colours and shapes to you to be the most flattering and give you the most confidence. We have always displayed our clothing and accessories in colour within all the Luna shops as we believe it helps people focus on the colours that are best for them so bringing the two together means I can now guide my customers to the colours that suit them best.
I also manage the Colour me Beautiful make up range and do free make up consultations and parties. If you’re interested in learning the colour dominants and selling the make up and the divine skin care range then please contact me as we have a brilliant opportunity at the moment building our business with a ‘business in a bag’.
I love the fact that all this girlie fun is all about bringing sustainability and responsible buying to the industry. If you know what suits you there will be far less wastage as there will be far less purchases! As well as the fact that everyone will look like rock stars naturally. Can’t get better than that.
You can find out more information about how you can have your very own colour or styling consultation with me here: